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What is the Deal with Bath Bombs?

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Several years ago, it was unheard of to pay 8 bucks a bath. But now it is standard.

Its 2018, they are EVERYWHERE. Lush the ingenious originator of the LUXURY BATH item now sits in the back seat as a good corner of the market share is being given to smaller companies who have less overhead. The problem with most bath bombs is that they are MADE IN CHINA, and smell like PUKE, or chemicals, either or. The best bath bombs are made right here in the USA.

If you do not understand the REASON behind bath bombs you are looking at bar soap and considering it bathing. But bathing is no longer just about getting clean. It is very much about the aromatherapy, the spa experience. So why pay 8 bucks (if you count shipping) when you could bath for free in a plain bath? It is the JOY of it, the LUXURY of watching the colors and oils drift you away to NEVERLAND while you soak. 

Its a new world, and bath bombs are here to stay.

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