Bath Bombs that Bubble Froth & Float
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BATH BOMB OF THE MONTH - Subscription Ring Bath Bomb Box

Great Gift for Any Occasion!
Flowers are Dandy, so is the Candy, 
But your sweet heart needs love the whole year LONG! Choose your Ring Size
- One Amazing Ring Bath Bomb that is delivered each month! It is SEASONAL and DELICIOUS!
- ALL our scents are amazing, so you can create spa time in your tub!
- RINGS: Sterling Silver, Silver Plate and Gold Plate. Rings styles very. Ring in Image for display purposes only.
- MADE IN AMERICA: All Soapie Shoppe products are MADE IN AMERICA and specialize in micro-manufacturing.
WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE: Soapie Shoppe features XL Bath Bombs that FLOAT, and our bombs BUBBLE and FROTH upon contact with water.
- MINIMAL PACKAGING: We want to leave the imprint in your tub, not in the ground. For this reason we are a minimal packaging company.
SOAPIE SHOPPE Bath Bombs are Some of the LARGEST on the MARKET! They are fizzy, fun, and relaxing.

Highly Moisturizing BUBBLING RING BATH BOMB in your tub!
We are known for our BLACK BATH BOMB collection. It all started with Midnight, then Galaxy, Infinity, and Midnight Mist! Try all 4!


*The ring in this image is for display purposes only and might not be the ring style you will receive.

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