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STARRY NIGHTS Ring Bath Bomb 3 Pack

STARRY NIGHTS Ring Bath Bomb 3 Pack

  • Here's to starry nights and merry mornings! Enjoy this Combo of Dark & Light ! Deep and Thrilling Bath Bomb Set
  • Blue Glittering Bubbling Bath Bomb made with coconut oil & bentonite clay
  • Bath Bombs are SUPER HUGE!
  • Rings are NOVELTY only and do not hold a high value.

THIS ITEM DOES NOT HAVE ONLY THE RING PICTURED, THIS IS ONE of MANY OPTIONS. RINGS INCLUDE" faux diamond faux rhinestone BOHO variety rings! Multiple Sizes for Multiple Fingers!


Includes 1 ring between sizes 5-9.
*The ring in this image is for display purposes only and might not be the ring style you will receive.

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